Food Fun November

German Night in San Lorenzo – Tienda del Sol
November 9

We recently heard about a weekly ethnic food night over in San Lorenzo – essentially the Mimbres, due east of us.  The owners of the establishment are German and they serve German food every Wednesday.  Sounds fun…

We finally made it out and were the lucky recipients of the last plates of the German food.  Brian had spaetzel and schnitzel and I had had spaetzel with bratworst.  The bratworst were huge and one plate could

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Gomez Peak, a Race to Sunset

We decided, on the spur of the moment, to go on a hike after work.  We arrived at the Gomez Peak parking lot around 5:20pm and immediately set off up the hill.  We paused not at all to look at a trail map or to confirm if the gate would stay open late enough.  And we had the dog team.

We have hiked around the Little Walnut/Gomez area a lot – most of our early photos before we started building took place in the parts of the Gila forest that we accessed on these trails.  But we had never

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The Piano Arrivith: 1985 Kawai US-50

Once upon a time, when we were moving out of our home in CT, we moved a piano by ourselves.  At the time, we had been planning on building our tiny home in CT.  Our middle stage involved selling our house and moving into a rental.  This new abode was only a mile down the street and we would save $200-$300 by moving the piano ourselves.  (I think the truck was $20-$30 and the dollies were less than $20.)

The organ dollies we used were essential in making this a straight-forward and safe (for

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Bear Creek Rd & Attaching the Casings

We had a super productive Sunday!  We went grocery shopping, made bacon and chili for the week, cleaned the bathroom, shimmed & spray-foamed the windows, brushed the dogs and went on a big hike.  yee-ha!

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