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Adventures since Mexico & Goodbye for Now

We go to Deming for tacos or burgers about every other week. During this particular trip, we passed a bicyclist….who was transporting a dog.

Dog. In a backpack.

We had burgers at Patio Cafe and decided to try the menudo soup as our side. I’ve heard it is an acquired taste. I was not too fond of it but am willing to try it again.

We put Fred’s box project on the ground and told him it was the last one. He had started to treat it like a nest he needed to protect and that got old REAL fast. (Oh, and we moved it to the ground while he was still in it. Hahahaha)

Whip scorpion somebody found in their office and released into the wild.

Cicada alert!

Here is a rock squirrel that was laying with its fat belly on the ground outside one of our favorite Mexican food stands.

During a hike at spring canyon, a big snake crossed our path, we were shouted at by dozens of rock squirrels, butterflies flocked all around us and we counted tons of tarantula hawk wasps (the state insect of New Mexico and the insect with the second most painful sting in the world).

We went camping out in the Gila. Fred was not invited due to the overnight low being in the 40s and we weren’t sure if that was too cold for him.

Praying mantis in our fire pit!

The dogs are very good at keeping me company while I read.

Discrete lizard hidden under this log.

We saw some oblivious Montezuma Quail along the road when we drove back to town.

In addition to our outdoor and travel adventures, we decided to buy an Xbox to play cooperative games (or more specifically, couch co-op). Those are games where we play on the same team. We have been disappointed with movie choices for some time now and have mostly stopped watching them. Video games are fun and interactive and give us a nightly activity when we aren’t reading, researching or playing piano.

Speaking of piano, I am usually not allowed to play on my own. I do my morning practice while enjoying my coffee and eggs; the dogs are usually under or near me. Based on the light in this photo, this must have been an afternoon session or a Sunday.

In the past several months, there has also been much celebration of life. Here, Trooper revels in his climate controlled and spacious-feeling, small house.

The weather took a turn for the colder last week but not much precipitation yet. I donned this ensemble sometime in November because it was pouring during our pre-work walk (~5:30am).

Since returning from Mexico, we have gone on two roadtrips to Payson. We take Fred for these longer trips away from home. He self-soothes (or perhaps he is just occupying himself) during the drive by biting a rope toy.

And of course, there has been plenty of Sydney cuteness. She loves to gather and stack her toys; then she will either stand over them or lay down on top of them.

On that note, we will say a sort of goodbye for now. We have several pending projects that we would like to focus on (including finishing the second book), so we want to take a break from blogging (or at least become less regular in our posting). We will probably still answer questions and comments so feel free to reach out.

Thank you for supporting us during the house build and continuing to follow our blog. We wish everybody merry happy December holidays, safe travels, happy home building and good luck with whatever else fills your life. Take care!

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