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Big to Tiny to Small – On Sale Now!

Big to Tiny to Small is now available for purchase on! Additionally, we are running a promotion to celebrate its release. From now until June 11, Big to Tiny to Small: Selling it All, Moving Away & Buying Land for the Perfect Small House will be marked down to $0.99.


“Chelsea has written a play by play account for what’s needed to go from normal to exceptional!  Copy the success of others and see success in your life as well!” ~Greg C.

“Big to Tiny to Small is an essential read for anyone considering “downsizing” their life (i.e. the footprint of their home and their universe of “things”) in order to become more financially independent and get out of the prison that often comes with the standard American dream.

In the book, the author gets down to brass tacks of the personal journey that she and her husband shared and the events that led to finally breaking away from “the system” that says “graduate from college, get a high paying job, buy a large house, have 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence, and you’ll be happy.” Chelsea charts the course they went through in deciding their goals, the process of selecting a new city, locating a property, and determining what size home to build.

This page-turner is a practical guide filled with humorous smilies, analogies, and metaphors. Those who are uncertain about their next steps will certainly find it an inspiring and informative story.” ~Monika K.

“Everything has a process, even going through one’s possessions to decide if the possessions are needed or just wanted. As we move closer to downsizing, I found this book helpful in making those decisions. I look forward to book two to follow the actual construction of the small house.” ~Amazon Customer

If you know of others who may enjoy learning about our journey, please share! Click here or the image below to buy it on Amazon.

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