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Big to Tiny to Small – Our Journey

We have been silent for awhile because we have been busy on another project…

We wrote a book! It chronicles the first half of our journey from our big house to our recently completed, perfect, small house. We will release it soon as a Kindle book so it will be downloadable at Amazon. We will post an update here when it is available online, so be sure to subscribe to the blog (using the box in the sidebar) if you would like to be notified.

How one couple radically changed their lives to enjoy more freedom and debt-free living in a zero-compromise, custom-built small house.

Eager for a lifestyle change and curious about the hype around tiny houses, Brian and Chelsea decided to explore the feasibility and physical constraints to leaving their big house behind and transitioning to tiny living. With an unconventional family—two humans, two dogs, a parrot and a piano—they eliminated tiny as an option but went on to explore building a smart design, energy-efficient small house.

From 1500 square feet to less than 500, they take us on a journey that starts with the sale of nearly everything they own in Connecticut and ends with them beginning the excavation in New Mexico for the ideal small home building pad. Part memoir, part how-to, their story shares what they learned about downsizing, buying land, getting ready to build a small house and much more. Planning to build the house themselves, they cover a lot of research territory, including:

  • Small house design
  • Customizing simple, small house floor plans to suit their specific needs and multiple pets
  • How they downsized and sold most of their belongings
  • Questions to ask when purchasing land to build your small house
  • Budgeting and saving money
  • Building without debt or a mortgage
  • The hidden costs in developing raw land for small house living

In their pursuit for more freedom and adventure, they move cross country and embark on a journey to build the perfect small house. This book is the first in a two part series and presents a third alternative in the battle between big traditional houses and tiny trailer homes: The small, customized house on a foundation.


  1. Well I’ve just read you’re blog front to back over the past week! Thank you so much for taking the time and giving such great insight into the build of an Arched Cabin! I live in Panama Central America and was considering several units as rentals on property here near the beach. I’m from the U.S. and have lived here for 6yrs. Anyway, they won’t ship outside the U.S. and after seeing all the time for plumbing, electrical, finishing I’m leaning towards some sort pre fab panel system, snap together I don’t know what yet 🙂 The climate here obviously demands different materials but heavy insulation is key from the heat. Thanks again! If you ever decide to to make a coffee buying tour please stop by 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks Rob! Glad you enjoyed it.

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