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Big to Tiny to Small – Our Journey

We have been silent for awhile because we have been busy on another project…

We wrote a book! It chronicles the first half of our journey from our big house to our recently completed, perfect, small house. We will release it soon as a Kindle book so it will be downloadable at Amazon. We will post an update here when it is available online, so be sure to subscribe to the blog (using the box in the sidebar) if you would like to be notified.

How one couple radically changed their lives

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The Finish Work Progresses

We visited the lumber store this past Monday and inspected their options for window casing material.  We decided on the 1x6x8 pine (?) and planned to return on Wednesday when their fresh shipment came in.

Wednesday morning, after our coffee rush, Brian purchased the lumber and took it home.  We didn’t get much done that evening because I had a 6pm meeting and Brian wanted to go hiking.

Thursday evening, he cut everything to size, including the final piece of our non-bathroom trim.  We

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