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Big to Tiny to Small – Our Journey

We have been silent for awhile because we have been busy on another project…

We wrote a book! It chronicles the first half of our journey from our big house to our recently completed, perfect, small house. We will release it soon as a Kindle book so it will be downloadable at Amazon. We will post an update here when it is available online, so be sure to subscribe to the blog (using the box in the sidebar) if you would like to be notified.

How one couple radically changed their lives

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The Piano Arrivith: 1985 Kawai US-50

Once upon a time, when we were moving out of our home in CT, we moved a piano by ourselves.  At the time, we had been planning on building our tiny home in CT.  Our middle stage involved selling our house and moving into a rental.  This new abode was only a mile down the street and we would save $200-$300 by moving the piano ourselves.  (I think the truck was $20-$30 and the dollies were less than $20.)

The organ dollies we used were essential in making this a straight-forward and safe (for

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Pros & Cons of the Arched Cabin

After the Arched Cabin completed the shell, we finished the house ourselves, with the exception of some heavy machinery operators we hired to do some excavation.  We feel we encountered all possible issues and compromises one must consider when looking at this unique house model and compiled a list to help others who are looking at building one to call home.


We are the coolest looking house in town.  Of course, this is subjective but we do feel proud when we drive home and see

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