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high desert. small house.

Continental Divide Trail, Hwy 90 South

Given the irregularity in our current posting, a numbered system probably no longer makes sense.  Here are our pending projects –

  • Finish the barbed wire fence.  We need to complete the third run on the southwest side and then add two (or three?) more runs starting from the east corner and ending at the driveway (essentially the southeast and southwest sides).
  • Finish the last little bit of trim
  • Find, cut and attach window casings
  • Build privacy fence between us and east neighbors
  • Design and build gate
  • Apply Flood UV5 exposed wood at ends of rim joist

We’ve been a little distracted lately by the desire to go on hikes and enjoy evenings with friends.  We went on TWO hikes recently, both on work nights.  Crazy!

Here are photos from our exploration of the Continental Divide Trail on Hwy 90 South:


Mushrooms found in some dung.


It’s a weird magical wonderland in the middle of the desert.


A very soft plant – notice velveteen on the stems.


What large insect monster did this?


The trail was nice and sandy, nearly 100% free of cacti or related bits. It was nice to take the dogs somewhere where they could stretch their legs a bit without worrying about stepping on dangerous objects. Trooper actually kept up with Sydney most of the way. Amazing!


This is a tree that we think may have accumulated some sand around its base. Not sure if recent storms caused it or if it has always been this way.


This tree wins the annual ‘juniper berry production prize’.  The prize is that we take a picture of it. 


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