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Day 14: Price of our Cabin & More End Caps

Note:  We updated our Arched Cabin Summary post to list some of the issues that have come up since we took over the build.

We tabulate the total build costs every now and then.  The final expense post is published here.

Someone recently inquired as to the price of our Arched Cabin.  If you look here at Arched Cabins’ price sheet, you can work out the cost for a cabin, based on the size you want and the options you’d like to include.

This is the breakdown of a standard Arched Cabin and the version we built (i.e. with the upgrades).  We upgraded the end caps from 2×4 construction to 2×6, chose the steel i-beam foundation, opted for the insulation upgrade, opted out of a paint color and added loft beams so we could hang stuff from them (exercise equipment, bird boing, etc).  Also, note that the delivery fee (which is $2.50 per mile) is for delivery to Silver City, NM.

Standard Ours
Kit (20×24) $6,240 $6,240
Foundation $1,920 $2,520
Floor & Joist $2,400 $2,400
End Caps $3,600 $4,400
Color $480 $0
Insulation $0 $528
Loft Beams $0 $160
Delivery fee $1,798 $1,798
Subtotal $16,438 $18,046
Labor $2,000 $2,000
Total $18,438 $20,046

If you add a [stick built] loft to a structure this size, it appears it would be an additional $3,360.  We did not discuss this with the company so I can’t say for certain.  Also, as mentioned in our Arched Cabin Summary, if we were to do it again, we probably wouldn’t pay for them to build the end caps.

I’ll keep it short – finished wiping down the loft beams, did more nailing, more trim trimming and had the realization that we have to cut more studs because the walls are not sturdy.   We also found that we’ll need to modify the center part of the roof to minimize water dumpage on the deck below.

We got rained out around 8:00pm so we called it an early night.  The posts will probably be less regular for a few days until we’re making real progress again.  Stay tuned…!

For a full summary of our experience with Arched Cabins, please read Arched Cabin Summary.


  1. Who did you have do the finish out? And what was the total cost including the finish out? Thanks, Jody

    • Thanks for reading and for the comment. It’s still in the works. You can check out the later posts to see where we’re at.

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