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Day 18 – Sleepy Silver

Our trip to the bandit camp was brief this morning due to the 30 mph winds that were whirling about.  It wasn’t too cold if you were in the sun, but standing in the shade was definitely unpleasant.

We headed into town to go to our regular breakfast place – Nancy’s Silver Cafe.  Unfortunately, it was closed.  It also appeared that nearly everything else was closed.  Silver goes to sleep for Sunday.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that Vicki’s Eatery was open.  Vicki’s has rave reviews on the internet, but it has been closed every time we tried to visit.  You’d think a popular restaurant would stay open to keep accepting business, but that’s not the case.  Side note –

We found the same story at Bobbie’s gym.  He told us that he is in the gym until noon and then he leaves for lunch.  Sometimes he comes back and sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes he locks up the gym at 5:00pm; other times he leaves it open until 9:00pm.  Most clientele have keys so I guess it doesn’t matter.  But these two examples serve to illustrate the lifestyle of the locals – people want to live and enjoy recreation; not spend their waking hours working.

We were able to get eggs at Vicki’s for $1 each; the best deal yet.  We’re eager to start cooking so we can save money on meals.  Paying $1 for an egg is silly when you think about a dozen costing $2.50.  We’ll be out of the hotel soon; in the meantime, we are budgeting carefully and occasionally sampling the local cuisine.

More Carb Day Delights - Chicken Tortilla Soup from Diane's Restaurant.  It was very good.

More Carb Day Delights – Chicken Tortilla Soup from Diane’s Restaurant. It was very good.

Southwest Green Chili Burger from Diane's Restaurant - a little heavy on the bun but still done very well.  Green chili burgers are a thing around here.  They're a fun change to a regular cheeseburger and are very good.

Southwest Green Chili Burger from Diane’s Restaurant – a little heavy on the bun but still exceptionally done. Green chili burgers are a thing around here and a fun change from the regular cheeseburger.

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon driving around to see properties and subdivisions.  We found a few more subdivisions that allow for any size home; the only challenge is finding land within that subdivision.

One Week of Focused Intent

I think it is easy to believe you can’t do something.  To say, “I have no experience in that.  I need an authority on the subject.  How will I do it as well as they can?”  I think in moments of disbelief or insecurity, it is easy to miss out on opportunities to learn a new skill and discover that you can complete a task better than some ‘authority’.

When tomorrow morning rolls around, we will have been in Silver City for one week.  In that one week, we took a few evenings off and spent at least an hour every day hiking.  In the remaining time that wasn’t spent with typical human necessities, we were digging into our project.  We were either driving around to look at land, walking properties, talking to town officials, meeting with realtors, attending relevant events, calling service providers, or talking and brainstorming.

Except for Friday when we got all hyped up on caffeine, we fell asleep each night pretty spent from our efforts.  But we never complained about the project nor were we distracted.  The goal is clear so it is easy to stay focused.

It is more than a little satisfying to apply yourself to an endeavor with single-minded determination, feel no sense of procrastination or distraction and to come out in the end with results.  We did that and it feels great.

We can both confidently say we know the layout of the land here, where a good portion of the subdivisions are, how the town regulates home building and land issues….everything that comes with exploring a new town; we are mastering it.

The intention here is not to brag, but to share in the inspiration.  We’re motivated by what we’ve learned and we are excited to build the house and then move on to learning new things.  If you can spend 6-8 hours a day studying something, I think you’d be surprised at how quickly you assimilate it and master it.  it’s like language immersion.  Maybe take a week off some day but instead of going on vacation, attempt to learn something you’ve been putting off.  You may be surprised…

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