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Day 19 – So many conversations!

Sorry for the late post – We worked a lot on the computers yesterday and I couldn’t bring myself to spend any more time staring at the screen than necessary.  This post is for yesterday, Monday, November 24, 2014.

We started the day with breakfast at Nancy’s, where we found a newspaper left behind in the booth.  I decided to look through it for something interesting and was surprised to find 5 columns of rentals in the classifieds.  We had previously exhausted the craigslist postings – the earliest rental option we had was for mid-December.  It wasn’t ideal because it meant 2-3 more weeks in the hotel.

After lunch, we spent some more time visiting town officials.  We found out from the Planning Department that, “All subdivisions that fall within town limits have no building size requirement.  The only group that will enforce a size requirement is an HOA and there aren’t many of those.  If you decide to build a house smaller than a stated minimum, you aren’t going to have problems with us, the town, but there could be a civil suit brought against you from others in the subdivisions.”

So that was interesting…We don’t want to cause problems so we aren’t going to rush out and break covenants.  But it does tell us that there might be flexibility somewhere.

More Phone Calls & New Food Plan

We spent the middle of the day making phone calls. I called all of the rental listings in the paper that either allowed dogs or didn’t specifically disallow them.  I left a lot of voice mails and scheduled a meeting for Tuesday morning at 9:30am.  In the meantime, Brian was on the phone and emailing with realtors, verifying subdivision covenants and checking on property boundaries.

We also drove around to all the grocery stores in town – Food Basket, Albertsons and Walmart (we skipped the food co-op).  Each grocery store has its own unique clientele and discount strengths.  The chicken meat for the dogs will come from Walmart for the time being and we’ll probably get our food from Albertsons and Food Basket.

We decided to incorporate more groceries into our meals and less fast food.  We’re limited by what is slow carb/paleo compliant and what can be prepared using a microwave.  Frozen dinners are out as are many packaged goods.  That leaves fresh meats (but not raw) and vegetables.  Fruit is technically not allowed but I’ll admit that I eat an apple every now and then.

Spicy Beer Mix from the Food Basket

Spicy Beer Mix from the Food Basket

If you order a roast beef sandwich at Arby’s but ask them to hold the bun, you’re basically paying $6 for 7oz of roast beef.  We found that we can get 7 oz at a grocery store deli for $2.50; a much better deal.  We can also find canned chili for $1.80 a can, compared with $3.00 for a large bowl from Wendy’s.  So the modified food plan is Nancy’s café for breakfast, roast beef or turkey breast for lunch and chili for dinner.  We have frozen veggies with dinner and occasionally a salad at lunch.

So we’ll save nearly $10/day from those two meals alone.  There is secretively a much greater savings in that we don’t eat a fourth meal.  The deli meat is somehow more filling so we actually save $20-$30 per day, a considerable amount over the course of the month.

Art is huge is Silver.  There are more art galleries than any other type of business.  As a result of this art focus, non-art galleries also feature the work of an artist.  This painting was in the bathroom at Kountry Kitchen.

Art is huge is Silver. There are more art galleries than any other type of business. As a result of this art focus, non-art businesses also feature the work of an artist. This painting was in the bathroom at Kountry Kitchen.

Kind Movie Rental Lady

It wouldn’t have been a Silver experience if the lady had been anything but kind.  We wanted a movie rental from the Food Basket and we figured we’d be able to get one with our driver’s license.  Turns out you need proof of residency too.  However, when we explained the transitional nature of our situation to the lady, she said she’ll set us up an account and we should bring the proof over once we are in a rental.  So nice!

Thanksgiving at Tre Rosat

Several restaurants in town seem to make a big deal out of Thanksgiving.  Since we’re out here by ourselves, without a kitchen, we decided to make it a fun night out and have a nice meal on the town.  Needless to say, we’ll also be moving Carb Day from Saturday to Thursday.

We looked at the menus at four restaurants and ultimately decided to try Tre Rosat. They are the restaurant we ate at during our first visit to Silver; they served the 3 flavors of butter with fresh rolls.  They are doing more of a ‘traditional feast’, plus, they will serve everybody and then you can ask for more of whatever you like; kind of like a fancy buffet.  They listed a bunch of things on the phone, half of which I’ve forgotten, but here is what I do remember –

  • Venison & squab (like a Cornish hen)
  • Grilled kale salad
  • Something something stuffing
  • Cranberry orange sauce
  • Orange crème broulee & Apple tart
  • Many typical sides – mashed potatoes, vegetables, etc

It sounds really exciting.  After all the chaos of the next few days (coming soon), it will be a well deserved meal.

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  1. Sounds like things are moving alone. Be sure you have everything in writing regarding building in a development. It can get hairy if you build and then they come down on you later. Happy Thanksgiving , We will miss both of you.

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