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Day 2 – Pennsylvania, Virginia & Tennessee

Let’s just start with this – at our gas stop in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we paid $2.79 for 89 octane.  I don’t think I’ve seen gas at that price since high school.

Our driving has been at an easy pace.  We’re a tad top heavy because of the rooftop carrier, so the car’s handling is a little different.  We’ve mostly been setting the cruise control at exactly the speed limit, allowing us to focus on the car and traffic, rather than dodging the fuzz.

A very satisfying meal at Country Cookin.

A very satisfying meal at Country Cookin.

We had a lovely buffet experience in Roanoke, VA at a place called Country Cookin.  Our vegetable intake has been low since packing our cooking supplies early in the week, so it felt fantastic to have two heaping plates of fresh salad and salad accouchements.  Brian had the sirloin steak and I had salmon.

Frozen Meat on the Road

Today was the first time the dogs ate their frozen meat meal on the road.  We feed them the RMB (Raw Meaty Bones) diet so that basically means hunks of semi-thawed chicken with clumps of liver.  We bought a special cooler for this roadtrip so that we don’t have to worry about finding butchers along the way that would chop up meat to our specifications.  (If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to read about the dogs here.)

Dinner for dogs at an abandoned car wash.

Dinner for dogs at an abandoned car wash.

Despite public expectations (mom), the cooler is doing a great job keeping everything frozen.  After our buffet experience, we found an abandoned car wash, dumped the chicken slabs on the ground and let the dogs feast.  Unfortunately, it was much colder than we anticipated and we were each forced to stand there, shivering, with a blood-thirsting hound at the other end of our leash.

Fred enjoyed the show from within the warm car and after failing to incite the poop urge in either dog, we hit the road again.

Knoxville, Tennessee

We hit our goal of Knoxville, TN.  The final hour was tough – we were hungry and tired and we just wanted to stop.  The dogs had been cooped up for awhile and Fred was starting to make the impatient sounds we have come to understand mean he wants to go to sleep.

Apparently birds do not understand human table manners.  Note the location of Fred's forward foot.

Chipotle dinner at the hotel.  Apparently birds do not understand human table manners. Note the location of Fred’s forward foot.

We picked a Motel 6 on the western side of Knoxville so that we would be beyond the city in the morning when we left.  The hotel was really nice, surprisingly so.  During the planning stage, we anticipated needing to stay in Motel 6’s for most of the journey because they have no pet restrictions. We’ve stayed in them in the past and they’re hit or miss.  Well, last night was a definite HIT.  The shower was hot and had high pressure.  We had a huge pre-bathroom staging area for our stuff and everything felt clean and welcoming.

Overall, a great experience!


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