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Day 20 – The Rental & Go Dog Go!

We arrived at the office of the mobile home park about 6 minutes early.  We were interested in a one bed, one bath unit that was $400 a month.  If it turned out to be too small, we also saw that the manager had a 2 bed/2 bath unit listed for $550 a month.

When Kerri arrived, she gave us a brief intro to the units from within the warmth of her office and then gave us a tour of each.  Without any negotiation, she started by saying that she’d give us the $400 one for $350 or the bigger one for $450.  Off to a good start…

The bigger unit had a better bathroom and more room in the kitchen.  There was also more space between the two bedrooms (there is really a 3rd bedroom so there is a LOT of space) than there was in just the one bedroom of the smaller unit.  The smaller unit had a fenced yard, a few trees and was much cuter inside.

The two deciding factors were the heat source and the plug availability.  The bigger unit is heated by natural gas and the smaller one is heated by propane.  The manager told us propane was really expensive right now; so even if we saved $100 a month in rent, we’d likely pay it out in propane.  The bigger unit also had a dryer plug, which is what we use to charge the electric car.

We told her we wanted the big one so we went ahead and checked that everything was working.  We verified that the fridge was plugged in but then had to stop the checklist when the stove wouldn’t light.  It’s a gas stove so its manual gas cutoff valve needed to be opened. After the handyman arrived, he got the stove working and the heat to the unit on.  We were on a roll!

As we were signing the paperwork, Don (the handyman) came in and told us there was a leak in the hot water tank and it would have to be replaced.  Unfortunately, due to the holiday and scheduling of handy staff, the earliest it could be scheduled was next Monday.  By this point in the mobile home visiting experience, we were basically ready to sign up and move on over. Every extra night in the hotel was $56.18 with no cooking facilities.

When Kerri asked us what we wanted to do, we kind of just looked at each other and didn’t say anything.  I was thinking that we could shower at a gym if necessary and wash dishes in cold water.  Kerri then volunteered that there was a KOA campground down the road that allows people to shower for $2 each.  She said she’d be happy to reimburse us for our showers for now through the repair of the water heater.

Again, we looked at each other, not really sure what to do.  The final solution was the work of Don and Kerri brainstorming about which mobile units were available.  There is another unit that can’t be rented just yet because it has broken windows.  But it was just vacated so it has heat on and a functioning hot water heater.

So, in the end, she gave us the keys to both our place and the ‘shower mobile’.  Again, such nice people!

The Race to Prescott

We wrapped up around 11:15 and headed back to the hotel.  Now that we had a rental, we didn’t need the hotel anymore.  We had already paid for another night, so the first step was to request a refund.  We also very quickly put together a plan that would get our belongings to Silver in time for us to be able to attend our Thanksgiving Day reservation for 2pm.

  • Move stuff from hotel to rental
  • Return DVD and buy food from Food Basket
  • 1:00pm – Leave for Prescott, AZ. It’s a 6 hour drive and we need to get there by 6:30pm.  That means we’ll have to shave off 30 minutes by driving an average of 65 mph and making any stops as expedient as possible.  Based on the ground we’ve covered so far, it’s going to be pretty darn close.
  • 4:00pm – Uhaul will have our u-box down for us
  • 6:30pm – Assuming we have arrived in time, we complete the paperwork for the rental of the 10’ uhaul truck and car transporter
  • 7:00pm – Uhaul closes but we still have access to our box as long as we want
  • Load stuff into truck
  • At that point, we’ll either sleep in Prescott for the night or drive to Payson and sleep there.
  • Early morning on Wednesday, in Payson – load Smart car onto car transporter
  • Drive back to Silver, taking it easy and probably stopping for gas often

It would be nice to reach our Silver rental before nighttime on Wednesday so that we can get the essentials unloaded and buy a few necessities (shower curtain, maybe some food).  I may have grabbed a roll of toilet paper from the hotel, so we’re all set there for a few days.

If you’re familiar with the work of P.D. Eastman, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, the only thing left to do is “Go Dog Go!”

Dogs finally making peace in the hotel.  There's no guarantee how long the peace agreements will last, but we welcome them all the same.

Dogs finally making peace in the hotel. There’s no guarantee how long the peace agreements will last, but we welcome them all the same.