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Day 237: Oops & Drain Plumbing, Part II

Monday, 3/7
We started the morning with vigor.  What a lovely day and how exciting it is to nearly have a home.  While Brian was with me at the coffee shack, we looked over what we need to order and started the price comparison project.

We ordered another roll of our insulation tape (what we use to tape the seams – we’ll need more to tape the edges of the insulation to the metal frame of the house to prevent the cellulose dust from getting between the two layers.  A key aspect of the arched wall insulation is that the reflective surface between the two pieces is clean and shiny.

After looking at Amazon, Ebay and Home Depot, we ordered our two rolls of Ditra – a 323 sq ft roll from Ebay and a 150 sq ft roll from Amazon.

We found out over the weekend that Lowe’s only delivers within a certain radius of the store.  That means we will have to drive there and rent a Uhaul ($185) to get our tile.  Local options – $375 more expensive and not the color we want.  So even though it’s an annoying prospect, it’ll cost us $190 less to go to Tucson and drive our tile back.  Alsoooooo, since we need to pick up our other kitchen cabinet and the 4×8 plywood for the bathroom, I guess it isn’t so bad.

We also put in two calls with contractors – tile man and insulation crew – and confirmed that we wanted to hire them.  The tricky part is getting on their schedules since we don’t exactly know when the plumbing will be done.  And then we have to pass our mechanical and framing inspections before we can proceed with insulation.

Brian connected the shower to the main stack and glued the PVC together.  We learned that we can’t dry-fit schedule 40 PVC so after a set of fairly certain alignments, he glued the pieces together.

ALSO, we learned that we should NOT have attached the outlets until the wood paneling is in place.  It’s a good think we only finished 3 or 4 of them.  Do-over.

Some other exciting developments – Brian spotted a neat lizard, encountered a herd of javelina near the apartment and we FINALLY received our recycle bin (which we have made numerous calls about over the past 6 months).

Brian figured out a better way to stabilize the PVC while cutting it. Voila!

Brian figured out a better way to stabilize the PVC while cutting it. Voila!

3D plumbing model

3D model of drain plumbing done in Sketchup. Very useful for figuring out trap arm lengths and what pieces are needed.

Lizard spotted outside apartment.

Stripey lizard spotted outside apartment.

2016-03-07 09.59.16

Javelina herd spotted outside apartment. This was the one that was assigned to keep an eye on Brian while the others were foraging.

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