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Day 247: Insulation Installation

Thursday, 3/17
Talk about a day of adrenaline.  We left the apartment around 5:45am and went to the house.  With only one car, we had to leave enough time to get me to work.  We quickly unloaded the “team lift” objects from the house and set them up on pallets.  Then, from 6:30am-11:30am, Brian worked as fast as possible to get the house ready.

It worked out.  While they were connecting the net under the house, Brian removed all the building supplies, tools and other tidbits that have collected in the house over the past 246 days.

The crew arrives

The crew arrives…I continue to be impressed by the mega trucks that are able to back out of our driveway.

Plastic covering the plumbing entrance

Netting covering a plumbing entrance.

Plastic covering the

The netting.

Oh my gosh, why aren't they wearing protective armor? Those rocks hurt! A flimsy piece of cardboard helps very little.

Oh my gosh, why aren’t they wearing protective armor? Those rocks hurt!

Things are getting very messy.

Things are getting pretty messy.

Finished north wall.

Finished north wall.

Finished south wall

Finished south wall

Closer view of south wall

Closer view of south wall

The few objects they left inside ended up pretty much covered with dust.

The few objects Brian left inside ended up pretty much covered with dust.

It took them from about 10:30am – 4:00pm to seal off the areas and blow in the insulation.  Now, we let the walls dry for at least 24 hours.  Our next task will probably be to cover the arched walls and then we’ll do the endcaps last.  We should probably also check in with our paint people and confirm that they still have our paint base handy.  And we need to decide what material we’ll use to seal the panel seams.

We used a different dog strategy this evening – I put the dog crate in the back of the Smart car, shuttled one dog over, tied said dog onto a long lead and then drove home and got the other.

It was an unbelievable amount of work to get everything back inside the house.  Nothing was really organized – Brian had just thrown everything out in the mad scramble to get ready.  Imagine getting ready for a yard sale where you carry each cup, book, pair of levi’s and child toy outside, one by one.

We celebrated our successful day by picking up food at Adobe Springs Cafe and enjoying it at home while watching The Big Short.  Definitely recommend this film.

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  1. Started reading your blog late last. Funny how searching for land in Timberon, NM, lead me to your blog (one of the Arched Cabin build teams is based there). We’ve been considering a Arched Cabin for about three months now and searching for vacation property all over NM.

    I really enjoyed reading about your cross-country travels, settling in Silver City, building a business and the progress on the house. Very impressive. In fact, you should consider writing a book. Seriously.

    As a native New Mexican, I need to point out one few thing though. Chili is different than Chile. Wendy’s serves chili. When you order red or green, you are eating chile. No worries though. It’s a learning experience. Have you tried Sopapilla’s yet?

    Looking forward to more adventures of Chelsea, Brian and the kids.

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