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Day 48: Snake killer and Storm clouds

First off, non-house-related story:  While at work, Brian happened to look out the window at the Honda Fit and noticed a large bird with a long tail sitting on the car.  It was a roadrunner!  We’d seen them before out in Arenas Valley where there are a lot of open grassy areas and snakes to eat.  But it was strange to see one in town, and on our car no less!

It stayed on the car for several minutes, looking at himself in the reflection, beaking the windshield and preening.  What a sight!

Did you know that roadrunners can kill rattlesnakes?

Who would win in a wrestling match, Fred or Senor Roadrunner?

Great Monday at work but we got rained out in the evening.  We checked the forecast at 4:30pm – no rain, no thunderstorms, nada.  We drove home around 5:05 and it started sprinkling.  By the time we reached home, 3 miles later, it was pouring.  Shortly after, mega clouds arrived and it really started coming down.

When the weather abated for a moment, we drove the dogs to the property to feed them.  While they ate, we dug out the ditch a little more to prevent water from being damned up near the foundation piers [See featured image at top].

Sydney was not thrilled about going out while the thunder was roaming about.  *Concerned eyebrows*

Sydney was not thrilled about going out while the thunder was raging. *Concerned eyebrows*


By the time the dogs finished eating, the storm had tapered to a mere trickle.

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  1. A) You must live in “storm valley”. and B) Cheers for the roadrunner!!

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