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Days 122: Great News Friday!

Friday, 11/13
What an interesting day this was.  We had been discussing the drainage plan for the building pad (because that has to be included in the plumbing sketch we submit for the plumbing permit; thankfully, no test is required for it).  A few people asked us how Brian’s exam went and we let them know that it was a no-go for now.  Rehashing it all and planning our next steps brought about some interesting developments.

  • Brian recalled that one question on the exam had seemed impossible to get correct.  In other words, no answer was right.  He decided to call the exam administrator and check on it.  We also planned to ask for an exception (a pass) since the questions missed had likely been related to aspects we are not planning on including in our house (i.e. wet bar, closet, garage).  [However, there is no way to know for sure which questions had been missed, because they don’t allow you to see your test after you take it; they don’t tell you your areas of weakness.]
  • The exam administrator referred Brian to the New Mexico Electrical Bureau Chief.  During the conversation with this gentlemen, it came up that the test should have been open book.  OPEN BOOK!
  • We called the exam lady back, told her the head honcho had said the test is open book, and received the response that she’d need that information in writing.
  • We called and emailed The Chief.  He got back to us with the following update –
    • That question was indeed wrong.  They immediately corrected and sent out the updated version of the test.
    • Because Brian was more than 1 wrong answer away from the maximum wrongs allowed, he wouldn’t be given a pass.
    • They would, however, set him up with the local Silver City inspector to take the test.  That way he doesn’t have to drive back to Las Cruces.  AND he doesn’t have to wait 30 days for the retest.
    • We were also granted a waiver on the fee to take the test – $25 – since we had paid once already and the test conditions (open vs closed book) had been wrong.

Jeez Louise, what a relief!  No electrician expense to worry about.  Before the day was done, we also mailed out the plumbing plan (with check) to get the our homeowner’s plumbing permit.

We took the evening off to celebrate and recharge for the weekend.  Our next project is to disassemble non-essential components to the scaffold (basically everything except for 4 legs) and then frame the bathroom.  This is our solution to not wanting to take the scaffold apart but needing the lumber for the bathroom.  The scaffold WILL be destabilized and dangerous but we don’t plan to use it.  We just want the four legs to keep the platform elevated until we need it again.  Then once we reach a task that requires being high up, we’ll reinforce the legs with new lumber.

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  1. So glad about your outcome with your electrical admin. Really do wish I was there, building would have been wired (roughed in) already. The inspector is going to look at it after the fact, and has NO idea when it was done..I’m kind of nervous about you kids not doing a drop from you ridge for like a ceiling fan or lighting.. Sure you guys have a plan.. As for plumbing, just remember water runs down hill. LOL 1/8th-1/4 inch fall..In WA anyway..

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