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Days 135-138: Framing the Bathroom, Part 3

Thursday, 11/26
We worked at the shack in the morning and only spent a few hours at the house.  It was damp and cold and we didn’t feel like working (and by ‘we’ I mean ME).  We unpacked the pocket door hardware and snapped chalk lines for where the metal-clad 2x4s would be installed.

We then packed up the dogs, their meat packs, swung by the shack to make ourselves coffee and then drove 20 minutes into the Gila National Forest to have an absolutely splendid hike.  It was a little damp but it had stopped raining.  The pines were beautiful, the clouds were ponderous and the entire experience was lovely.  We hadn’t been up there for awhile and it was the perfect way to build up our appetites before our Thanksgiving dinner reservation at 4:00pm.

Weird mushroom we found on the hike. We saw a few dozen, all in various states of decomposition and squished-ness.

Weird cephalapoid mushroom we found on the hike. We saw a few dozen, all in various states of decomposition and squished-ness.

Being masters of our time, we arrived back at our apartment with JUST enough time to change clothes (multiple times) and get to Tre Rosat by 3:59pm.  We had an absolutely PHENOMENAL meal.  Easily, the best Brussels sprouts I have ever consumed.  And the desserts were amazing.  They had special names for everything they served but the Chelsea version of the dessert I had is “sweet potato cheesecake served with candied pecans/walnuts (which were somehow both savory and sweet) and homemade vanilla ice cream”.  It was DIVINE.  Best Thanksgiving meal ever.

Unlike last year (Thanksgiving at Tre Rosat 2014), we were invited to have seconds.  When the waitress asked us if she could get us anything else, Brian asked for a second plate OF EVERYTHING and I had more of the Brussels sprouts and stuffing.


The cranberry sauce was orange-cranberry, the ham was spiced with something like rosemary, the carrots and green beans had something special going on, the stuffing was very good but not spectacular and the sprouts were to die for.  The turkey was normal and dry, in my opinion, but everybody else enjoyed it.  Paired with the orange-cranberry goop, it was very good.  [The menu was a list of items and you would check what you wanted.  I ordered everything except for the mashed potatoes.  Brian ordered them and said they were quite good.]


Sweet potato cheesecake in the foreground and the Apple Crostada in the background (shaved apple and something else, folded into a pastry shell and served with ice cream).

Friday, 11/27
We investigated the local hardware store coupon ads for Black Friday and confirmed that the deal we had found earlier in the week was still the best one.  Our original plan had been to use the 40% Friday coupon on the $200 vanity and then use the 30% Saturday coupon on the $120 kitchen double-basin sink.

The discovery that the bathroom vanity sink was made of cultured marble dampened our spirits a bit.  We had cultured marble in our previous house and our experience with it is not great.  As it ages (and is exposed to vinegar and baking soda), the tough gelcoat on the surface cracks and then gets grimy.  The cracks become highly visible and the sink then looks aged and cheap.  “Cultured marble” is a mixture of marble dust and plastic and it feels lighter than a ceramic material would.

We found a vanity option at Home Depot that is a better price and is made of vitreous china, which is a tough ceramic material similar to porcelain.  It is out of stock at our local (2 hours away) store so we are going to see if it can be shipped there.  If not, we’ll find an alternative that is in stock.

You can read more about the different sink materials here.

We also changed plans with the double-basin kitchen sink.  The sink box suggests 36″ as a minimum cabinet size.  That was a surprise.  We definitely hadn’t planned on using 3 feet of our 8 foot plumbing wall for the sink.  That removes nearly half the prep space!  After digging around in the back of the store, Brian found a forgotten one-basin sink that only requires a 27″ cabinet.  The sink basin itself is 21.5″ wide and 15.5″ back, and 8″ deep.  It’s also a better deal, coming in at $86.99 before the coupon; $54ish after 40% off.   The real clincher was that the single basin sink fit our largest pan (a 22″ monstrosity) which no double basin could.

We installed the upper track for the pocket door and then attached the door to make sure it all worked together.  Then we took it off and endeavored to fix one end which had been bent at an odd angle.

Bent metal on one end of the pocket door track

Bent metal bracket on one end of the pocket door track

Prior to purchasing the sink, we spread out paper to create the shape of the sink as well as the shape of the basin.

Prior to purchasing the sink, we spread out paper to create the shape of the sink (bottom three sheets) as well as the shape of the basin (top two sheets).

Saturday, 11/28
Guess what?  It turns out we were able to get 40% off OUR ENTIRE PURCHASE!  Why didn’t they tell us?!?  Well, at least we found out in time for Saturday’s 30% off coupon.  We purchased wire, extra screws and a few other random odds and ends.

Brian fiddled with the pocket door some more.  He also went up on the north side of the house and dabbed butyl caulk on a couple of screws the crew had driven in a 45 degree angles.  The sealing washers on these screws appeared to be holding up ok so far, but Brian sought to preclude any future leaks.


A few screw errors were given extra sealing caulk.

Sunday, 11/29
Really productive day.  A deer visited with us for about an hour.  I spread out the rest of the gravel and nearly covered the building pad to the east of the house.  And we finished the rough install of the pocket door.

Three deer showed up at the top of our hill and starred at us for about an hour. Maybe they were playing charades and the word was 'statue'.

Three deer showed up at the top of our hill and stared at us for about an hour. Maybe they were playing charades and the word was ‘statue’.

Gravel on east side of house

Gravel on east side of house

Metal brackets for the pocket door metal studs

Metal brackets for the pocket door’s metal split studs

Metal studs and door (featured image at top has door inside of metal studs)

Metal studs and door in place (featured image at top has door inside of metal studs).  The metal studs of the pocket door will be covered with wood paneling, just like the rest of the studs.  The door is presently in the ‘closed’ position.


  1. Looks like you kids had a wonderful TURKEY Day. Miss having all you kids for din din, especially on the Holidays.

    Your new home is looking wonderful!

    • Thank you! Yes, I miss our big feasts also. Some day, you Washingtonians will hear the call for warmer weather and then everybody will be here in the SW.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving adventure!! The weird mushroom you found is called an Earthstar.

    Here in Wiki:

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