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Days 139-142: Framing the Bathroom, Part 4

Monday, 11/30
Bathroom – Attached the top plates.

Tuesday, 12/1
Bathroom – Attached the rim joists and took measurements for the ceiling.

Wednesday, 12/2
Brian retook the homeowner’s electrical exam at 9:00am this morning and he did great!  92%  woohoo!  We called in and checked with the plumbing inspector and he said he had approved our plumbing diagrams.  Woohoo x2!

Bathroom – Framed the ceiling.

Thursday, 12/3
We received a letter from the department that processes payments for plumbing and electric.  Our check of $98 for the plumbing permit and plan review had been returned because they wanted two checks – one for $73 and one for $25.  Note:  The instructions did not mention this fact anywhere.  So we will be further delayed on receiving our plumbing permit, but we have been approved.

Bathroom – Not a real work day because we were basically done with the framing and now needed to gather the materials for plumbing.  The final step of framing was measuring, cutting and attaching an additional plate for stub wall stabilization  and two pieces of wood blocking that run horizontal (perpendicular to the vertical studs) at the back of the shower enclosure (shown above in featured image).  We completed those steps and called it a night.

We need to pick up our shower door from the Las Cruces Home Depot and we also need to purchase our bathroom vanity and kitchen (sink) cabinet.  We have picked out both items so all we have to do is get to Las Cruces.  We think we’ll make the run this Saturday and hopefully, everything will fit in and on top of the car.

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