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Days 153-155: Just Keep Fencing, Fencing, Fencing

Monday, 12/14
A snow storm event (Echo?) hit us around 5pm with about 3 hours of intensity buildup and temperature drop beforehand.  Again, not wanting to uncover and expose our trench to water/snow accumulation, we decided to just work on the fence.  Brian left work early and connected the third run of wire to about halfway up the northeast slope.  Take that white dog!

Prior to heading to the property to work on the fence, Brian reviewed a few fence videos to verify the best way to connect two spools of barbed wire.  He noticed that the fence installer used a different connection technique to clamp the clips to the t-posts – using just ‘The Clip Bender’ – but our method works better [for our clips & barbed wire].  In case you’re interested, Brian made a post about t-posts and fencing tools.

[Brian also ran into our most awesomest neighbor, Richard – Richard told him that he hasn’t seen anybody trespass in awhile!  That means our latest fence modification (the rabbit fence addition at the end of our driveway) has stopped people from using Richard’s and our driveway as a shortcut to Idaho St.  We did it!]

Tuesday, 12/15
We woke to iced-over vehicles and 20 degree weather (‘feels like’ 12).  According to the weather forecast, our previous home of Manchester, CT will see temperatures of 60 degrees this week.  This is an upsetting trade of winter climates.

Brian worked outside in the afternoon, continuing to advance the plumbing trench.  Probably 1.5 feet to go plus one mega rock.  The wind gusts were around 25 mph and the temperature peaked in the low 30s.  Burrr…

Snowy Tuesday. High today is low 30s. Unacceptable!

Snowy Tuesday. High today is low 30s. Unacceptable!

Here's the trench so far. The tool pictured is a 'hand tiller'. The large rock in the lower right is lucklily made of sandstone, so it will be chipped out of the way if it seems too big to unearth.

Here’s the trench so far. The tool pictured is a ‘hand tiller’. The large rock in the lower right is luckily made of sandstone, so it will be chipped out of the way if it seems too big to unearth.

Wednesday, 12/16
High of 39 for today but the abundant sunshine and lack of wind made it feel much warmer.  Brian took the third run of wire all the way up the northeast slope to our east corner (see featured image above).

We also called and checked on our permits.  Even though we’ve received verbal approval from the plumbing inspector, the permit has not yet been processed.  We sent the second round of checks for it on 12/3, two weeks ago.  The electrical inspector is supposedly backed up and will have a chance to look at the application this Friday.  That was also submitted two weeks ago.

Once we are finished with the trench, we’ll probably go ahead and start plumbing since we’ve been told we’re ‘a-okay’ by the plumbing inspector.  As for electricity – we’ll hold off but will likely begin purchasing the items we need.


A picture is worth a thousand words – These are the dimensions for the property.  We have run three strands of barbed wire on the side that is 245′ and the side that is 501′.

We just completed all of the steps to obtain our building permit. One of the requirements was a site plan - this modified google maps image shows our property lines, the location of the building pad and where we plan on placing the house.

We used this image once before, when we were submitting the supporting documents for our building permit.  It isn’t as accurate as the line drawing above it but it gets the gist of where the house is.  The marauding white dog previously entered via the north corner; the corner closest to the house.

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