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Days 230-232: Passing our Electrical Inspection!

Monday, 2/29
Happy Leap Day y’all!  Brian went over his 6 gauge wire questions with the inspector and cleared up the grey areas.  Unfortunately, he was not able to work on the house at all due to chaos at the shack.  Good chaos but not helpful for completing the house.

Tuesday, 3/1
Start of the new month – rent check due.  After seeing one of our apartment mates in the drive-through, it dawned on me that we might possibly be finished renting at the end of this month.  Given that possibility, it is important to put our 30 day notice in with the landlord and confirm whether or not we can rent week-by-week after April 1.

Given the fast nature of inspection scheduling (in this area) and our clarity on the next steps (except the tile floor which is totally new to us), it seems likely that we can get everything done in 30 days.  Cross your fingers folks.  The race is on!

While Brian tackled the finishing requirements for our electrical inspection, I did some research on tile.  I found a nice grey colored porcelain tile from Lowe’s that is on sale.  We also touched base with one of the insulation companies to determine whether they would also install the insulation under the floor.

2016-03-01 13.11.46

Nail guards for where the metal ribs of the arch wall push the 6 AWG cable into the danger zone (< 1.25″ of buffer space from the paneling)

2016-03-02 13.59.55

The best way I could think of for doing the required penetration for ‘communications line’: a PVC conduit LB body.

We called the electrical inspector to schedule our inspection.  Whoo-hoo!  There are a few odds and ends left to do (staple lots of cables near boxes, trim & de-jacket cables, tie all grounds while adding pigtails) so hopefully, Brian can get those things done in the morning prior to the inspector’s arrival.

Wednesday, 3/2
Do you remember the days of the floor sanding/leveling?  You can look back through the posts from Day 31 (when we started the project and experienced the mega-storm) to Day 75 (our finishing work after the floor expert did his job) if you care to read about it.  As you can tell from that span of time, it was not a small project; it was a little soul sucking to be honest.

After getting confirmation from our landlord that we can rent week-by-week starting in April, we started planning our remaining purchases so that we could have everything lined up for the house.  We need to order the Ditra rolls but that’ll come fast (in 2 days).  I’m more interested in understanding the delay between ordering tile online and its arrival.

While contemplating the time, I figured it was worthwhile to check with a local installer to see if it would make sense to have someone else do it.  If we have to, we will install the Ditra and the tile.  But given its complexity and our desire to not work with the floor ever again, it seems worth it.

The tile guy was awesome – he’s the only person we’ve met in Silver City who has ever heard of Ditra.  Not only that, but he’s been installing it for 20 years and he’s attended all John Bridge Forum tile events to keep his skills and knowledge current.  He’s clearly invested in what he does and he came highly recommended.

We met him at the house and got a quote.  It’s too high to really pass the question “Does hiring out the tile installation save us from paying another month’s rent?” but it’s low enough to feel reasonable and worth it.  We’ll post the figure once we’ve committed to the work being done by him.

The day ended with our electrical inspection, which as you can tell from the title, we passed.  Good job Brian!  We also FINALLY found someone who would lend us a 6 3/8″ hole saw so we can drill the gaping holes for the HRV.  So next – HRV stuff and then plumbing.

2016-03-01 16.17.45

Another trip up the ladder to affix the ‘Point Of Attachment’ and turn the weatherhead north, away from the prevailing wind.

2016-03-02 14.04.37

Grounds tied together and a pigtail added for each switch or outlet that will live in the box.


  1. Excellent on your wiring and getting rough in signed off. GOOD JOB

    • Thank you!!!!

  2. Anytime now Yea

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