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Days 255-257: Finishing Paneling Prep & Plumbing

Friday, 3/25
Beautiful day here in Silver City.  Having dry fit the PEX on Thursday, Friday was a day of clamping everything, completing the stub-outs with quarter turn stops and then pressure testing.  Brian also redid the shower valve depth with the valve trim plate in place and set the shower head.

2016-03-25 17.15.03

The kitchen sink cabinet is the main supply plumbing junction.

2016-03-25 17.13.46

The water heater will be mounted with brackets later.

2016-03-25 17.26.00

Seeing how the shower dropear height looks with the low flow 1.25 gpm shower head that comes with the water heater.

Saturday, 3/26
Brian got to the house around 1pm and started working on the panel prep for the southeast side.  Panel prep, in this case, is:

  • Remove panel
  • Recover the cellulose that is clumped on the back of it
  • Take the panel off the scaffold to the floor to be vacuumed and wiped with the microfiber cloth
  • Go back to the top and cut the 2×4 furring strips where they penetrate too far into the endcap
  • Stuff recovered cellulose into the gap that was created because our panels were installed prior to the cellulose installation.
  • Shake spray foam for one minute
  • Apply spray foam
  • Wipe dust off the rest of the solar guard foil
  • Go back down to the floor and retrieve the panel
  • Reattach panel

There are four panels per ‘corner’.  By the time I arrived, Brian had started on the northeast corner but also wanted to look at the leaking threaded connection that was still giving us trouble.  Instead of doing either of those things, we went to the hardware store to get the 2×6 studs we needed for the shower enclosure and to grab more spray foam.  Tomorrow being Easter, most stores would be closed and we knew we would need those things.

We arrived back at the house with a few hours to work.  We took down two panels in our next corner.  Then, a friend of ours arrived….our chat ended at 8:30pm, well after daylight hours.  We called it a night.

2016-03-26 15.11.39

The stupid leak that no amount of tightening would stop..

2016-03-27 14.21.05

Brian attempting to embarrass me by taking a picture of my gross work clothes and bad hairdo.  He says he was trying to get a picture of the temporary step modification.

Sunday, 3/27
The plumbing issue needed a little more attention but was finally resolved after Brian replaced the MPT/PEX adapter and – this time – wrapped it with 5 layers of teflon tape instead of 3.

We tackled the remaining three corners – it took us about 2 hours per corner.  Every handful of cellulose we recovered from behind the panels was used to fill the top gaps.  We had to go hunting for more cellulose at one point so we strategically flattened wall areas that were puffing out beyond the studs.

With the panel ‘prep’ complete, we can say we are officially walled in on 4 of the 10 rows on the arched walls.  We still have all of the endcaps to do and the bathroom.  [Cleaned panels featured in top image .]

Plumbing solution -

While replacing the MPT/PEX adapter, Brian rerouted the stubout to a more convenient height.

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  1. Knowing you have learned a great deal in the last year, the end is near. Enjoy all of your accomplishments. We Love you!

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