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Days 315-317: Countersinking & Seam Management

Tuesday, 5/24
When I was in college, one of my favorite tasks was working out my schedule.  It was most fun when I was a first-year student and I had three years to organize.  If I take Class A this semester, I’ll be eligible for Class D next semester; but I’ll miss out on taking Class B because it’s only offered every other year in the fall, but Class C is scheduled right after and I’ll have Fridays off…loved it.

So this morning, I decided it was time to get our remaining tasks lined up for the next three weeks.  It was like deliberately torturing Brian, because as he has repeatedly told me, you can’t exactly predict when we’ll reach a particular task.  That didn’t stop me…

“If you caulk the seams on Wednesday, AND we have to roast that morning, but don’t need to go grocery shopping, and assuming Trooper doesn’t need to be walked 6 times during the day because he ate javelina poop, how many partial work days do you need for all the pre-paint stuff so that I can write down what day ‘paint bathroom’ goes on?”

So here it is…Rest of this week:

  • Tuesday, 5/24 – Countersink & add bridge screws
  • Wednesday, 5/25 – Continue countersinking & adding screws where needed
  • Thursday, 5/26 – More countersinking & screws
  • Friday, 5/27 – Plus de la même (more of the same)
  • Saturday, 5/28 – Start polyurethane
  • Sunday, 5/29 – Finish polyurethane, caulk bathroom seams

Countersinking and screws were originally only Tuesday.  Busy week though.  We expect to get to polyurethane by the weekend…Or we may get to none of these things since we are opening the coffee shack all weekend for The Blues Fest.  We also may have special visitors coming in on Thursday so we might not work as much that day.

Next week:

  • Monday, 5/30 – Attach bathroom walls, caulk seams, prime walls
  • Tuesday, 5/31 – Paint bathroom, organize the tools and stuff for easy removal
  • Wednesday, 6/1 – Hoist the cabinets onto the bathroom, suspend the scaffold deck by the metal strut, remove the rest of the stuff; PAY RENT AGAIN, aggggghhh
  • Thursday, 6/2 – Tile man visits??  Start plywood under house
  • Friday, 6/3 – Continue attaching plywood under the house
  • Saturday, 6/4 -Can we touch the tile yet?  If not, take a day off or finish plywood under house or start caulking panel seams
  • Sunday, 6/5 – Continue caulking seams

This week is completely hypothetical given that we haven’t heard back from the tilesman yet.  Also, we will likely have to run to Tucson for business supplies on Sunday which usually means no house progress.

The final (complete guess) work week:

  • Monday, 6/6 – Cut and attach the window casings
  • Tuesday, 6/7 – More of the same
  • Wednesday, 6/8 – Install light fixtures & outlet covers
  • Thursday, 6/9 – Put cabinets in place, attach molding
  • Friday, 6/10 – Install toilet, vanity and mini split
  • Saturday, 6/11 – Loose ends….paint window boxes?
  • Sunday, 6/12 – Loose ends…..floor trim?
  • Monday, 6/13 – Schedule inspections

Also, we purchased our fridge.  The fridge in our rental apartment is 14 cubic feet and it works fine for our needs.  Thus, we figured our goal was to find a fridge from Home Depot that is as big as possible, that also fits in our budget and does not exceed 28 inches wide.  We picked this 17.6 cu ft Hotpoint in white.  Given the narrow space staked out for it in the kitchen, we are also pleased that the design is handle-less.  Originally $549, marked down 10% and then further discounted with our $200 gift card (from credit card points).  Total paid after tax and with free delivery – $319.42

[Quick note in case you are currently shopping for a fridge – There are some great deals at Home Depot right now.  For example, 38% off Maytag ($799 marked down to $497.70) or 30% off Whirlpool ($849 marked down to $597.60).  We had to pass on these brands because the options available were all too wide for our space.]

[Second note – Since drafting the above schedule, it has been changed 4 times.  Thus, it is probably best to view it as a rough outline.]

Brian continued adding screws for seam correction [flattening] where needed.  There is a HUGE difference in the panels when additional screws are added.  Brian described it as, “It’s as if the panels are out of focus when they have sloppy seams.  It just doesn’t look quite right.  The additional screws seem to bring the wall into focus.”

He also applied more polyurethane to the wounded panel.  I, on the other hand, cleaned the apartment and bathed the dogs.  I even brushed them a little.  Trooper was beyond filthy.  He was kind of starting to look a little homeless.  Now, they are both soft and beautiful.

2016-05-24 15.26.13

Wounded panel after sanding.

2016-05-24 15.42.24

Polyurethane added to the wound….think of it as salve…Varathane triple thick polyurethane or Neosporin triple antibiotic ointment.

2016-05-24 16.31.14

The screws next to the strut are blocked from going in perpendicular to the wall plane and therefore won’t be countersunk. But they’re high up so it won’t be noticeable.

Wednesday, 5/25
Continuation of the screw adding saga.  At the end of the day, Brian reported that the east wall was complete and the north wall was underway (I had completed a lot of the countersinking but Brian still had to do seam management).  Once the west (arched) wall is all that remains, it should be faster because – as with the east – there are no bridges to deal with.

2016-05-24 18.08.48

Wounded panel with one day cure time on ointment.

2016-05-25 15.38.09

An example of an ‘out of focus’ panel – see the slight bulge?

2016-05-25 15.41.31

And it’s buttoned up!  (We still need to attach a small piece of tri-ply to the gap above the bathroom vent.)

Buttoned up seam - We were originally using 1-2 screws per side in addition to the corners. Now, where needed, several more are being added.

Finished seam – We were originally using 1-2 screws per side, in addition to the corners. Now, where needed, we are adding several more until it feels solid.

2016-05-25 16.05.47

I’m not sure what this is a picture of but doesn’t it look lovely?

Thursday, 5/26
Very little accomplished today due to a splendid dinner with our visitors.  Brian said he is now nearly done with the north wall…schedule above adjusted again.

Seams around the HRV on the north wall.

Seams around the HRV on the north wall – the vertical seams with one silver screw are bridge areas where the second screw has not yet been added.

Seams now buttoned up.

Bridge screws added.

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