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Days 318-321: Final Panel Grooming & Caulk Tests

Friday, 5/27
How many birds do you count?

The tasks involved with the house right now are pretty fun.  Paneling was very stressful – heights, awkward boards, careful maneuvering, precise cuts and attachment…Now it’s just execution with less planning.  Make hole, add screw.  Dip brush in can of polyurethane and swipe brush against wall.  Shift junk from point A to point B.

North wall complete.  Two walls to go.

2016-05-27 18.09.40

Don’t these seams seem seemly?

2016-05-27 18.09.30

Or bullet ridden?

Saturday, 5/28
Early start at the shack, closed at 2pm and then more countersinking and screw additions.  We started and finished the south wall and completed 2 out of the 5 rows on the west wall.  Tomorrow will hopefully be the day of panel nonsense completion, as well as progress on caulking the bathroom walls, reassembling the bathroom panels and some amount of polyurethane application.

While countersinking these screws near the south windows, the panel cracked a little. Cause?

While countersinking these screws near the south windows, the panel cracked a little. Cause?

Another damn toenail. Bummer that we missed it during our initial wall inspection.

Another damn toenail. Bummer that we missed it during our initial wall inspection.  Pictured is the soon to be countersunk solution; the original hole – the higher one – had also cracked the stud, so we made a new one.

Sunday, 5/29
Bright and early start at the shack.  We worked together for the entire shift and locked up at noon.  We ran a few errands and then took an hour off to eat lunch in a leisurely fashion.  In the course of our 3 hour work session at the house, we completed the remaining three rows on the west wall and started shaving down the panels near the window casing area to ensure a small gap.

We could have kept working after 5:30, but we needed an evening off.  It looks like we are way off schedule but oh well.  We need to countersink the bathroom before we can say we are totally done.  Maybe Monday will be the day.

Countersinking on the metal scaffold.

Countersinking the top of the second row up on the metal scaffold.

Who are these crazies?

Who are these crazies?

Monday, 5/30
What a strange day.  One minute it was 10:30am and Brian was about to leave to work on the house; the next it was 1:15 and he still hadn’t left yet.  Guess what happened!?  A terrible Sherwin Williams sale that ends today.  So at 10:30am, instead of Brian leaving, I went to the paint store and attempted to pick out our colors.  After stressing out for 40 minutes, I drove home to get our polyurethanated panel sample and then back to the paint store.  Another 30 minutes passed in the blink of an eye.  I got back to the shack by 12:45, discussed our options with Brian and then he left to go purchase the paint.  We’ll keep the colors a secret for now…

We had an impending storm warning for Wednesday, but you can never tell with those meteorologists.  Just in case, Brian spent the first part of his work shift moving the bathroom panels and worthwhile scrap pieces back into the house.  Next, it was time to continue edge-gapping the window panels for the window casings.

2016-05-30 16.34.06

Flushing up a panel intersection in the bathroom.

I arrived at the scene around 5:45 and helped Brian hold stuff so we could get the hidden bathroom seams sealed.  We used the spray foam in the impossible-to-reach areas and practiced different caulk methods everywhere else.  Because our caulk will be a contrasting color to the panels (commonly used in tile application), we have to be precise and clean in how we smush it in.  It was tedious work.  So maybe I take back what I said at the beginning of this post, about how the tasks were becoming more straight-forward.

It turns out we should have consulted our resident weather canine, Sydney P. McPantsalot PhD, about the storm – she started pacing, panting and hiding around 5:55.  A massive [sounding] thunderstorm rolled in around 6:45pm.

2016-05-30 18.51.11

Who upended their frosting container in our bathroom wall?  Delicious!

2016-05-30 18.51.21

Despite our best efforts, this is a bad seam. The flaky ends of the panels are set off by the brown caulk and add to its messy appearance.

2016-05-30 18.51.31

This is an example of a good seam – cleanly smushed between the panels.

2016-05-30 18.51.52

Professor Sydney P. McPantsalot hiding in what she has already identified as the bathroom (historically, her preferred storm shelter). She is wearing her thundershirt or what we occasionally call her Dumb Doofus Jacket

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