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Days 33-34 – Inverter & Paint


  • Decided that since we would need to rent a generator a few more times prior to taking the homeowner’s electrical exam, it would be more cost effective to purchase an inverter to run power to the tools using the car battery.
  • Did research on what kind of inverter would work best for our situation and purchased a 1000W Duralast one from Autozone.
  • Connected up the inverter and tested running the shop vac off the inverter with and without a UPS battery as a buffer.
  • Spent an hour at the paint store, narrowed it down to about 5 color strips and got an extension on a 35% off sale (whoohoo!).
    • We keep coming back to sage green because the color is so nice and it would go great with our radish door.  My hesitation with that color is we have had it in the last 3 homes.  It’s time for something new.
    • What do you do when you’re struggling with a decision?  Call your mom of course!  My mom has managed the interior design of many living spaces and had excellent advice on our color scheme.
  • Made dinner for Monday and Tuesday night, made the lunch curry and walked dog team.


  • Another day of indirect progress.  Brian decided that the inverter’s battery connection cables need to be shorter, so he made one himself.  Having soldered the bits together, we took the contraption to the property and tested it out with the power tools.  Good news – the inverter can power everything except the shopvac, which the UPS battery can power for 25 seconds at a time.  Medium news – we need one more iteration of the battery connection cabling before we can use it (just soldering on ring terminals).  Brian will probably modify it today during the workday so we’re ready to go when we close.
  • We picked out our interior paint color!  We’ll tell you with a picture once it’s on the walls.  We also decided to go with the same color for the trim to de-emphasize the trim and enlarge the space (according to interior design experts).  We also like that with windows, the eye will be drawn outside, not to the frame.
  • Boyd finished the utility extension.  Because of the huge rains we have had recently, it took him two days dig the trenches from the street to the house and then run the pipes for the water and sewer.  He also accidentally hit a mysterious, unmarked water line that nobody was aware existed. Talk about mud mania.  [See featured image at top of post for utility extension visual.]
Sherwin Williams Colors.  Sydney was helping me pick.

Sherwin Williams Colors. Trooper was helping me pick.

For a full summary of our experience with Arched Cabins, please read Arched Cabin Summary.

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