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Days 372-374: Prep for the Electrical Inspection

Wednesday, 7/20
Brian had an exciting morning walk. Not only was a deer lurking near where the dogs pee every morning, but he got a great picture of a red bird we have been trying to identify.

The dogs were absolutely oblivious. They were just out of the frame and didn't notice this deer. Brian said it was even making noises and they didn't notice.

The dogs were absolutely oblivious. They were just out of the frame and didn’t notice this deer. Brian said it was even making noises and they didn’t notice.

Near as we can tell, this is a male Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra).

Near as we can tell, this is a male Summer Tanager (Piranga rubra).

Female Summer Tanager sitting nearby, presumably his mate.

Female Summer Tanager sitting nearby, presumably his mate.

Brian tackled the north endcap, south endcap and west arched wall outlets.  We ran out of wall plates so we’ll have to order those tomorrow.  He has two outlets left and then everything else will be standing work.  After those outlets, there are a handful of switches to do (2 singles, 3 doubles) and then 6 light fixtures.

2016-07-20 11.55.43

The next time we got duct seal from the local supply house, it was a different brand – but the same thing. All told, we’ve used 3 lbs of it.

2016-07-20 11.59.05

Duct seal globs were used to block every electrical box air path on the exterior walls.

2016-07-20 12.35.42

Every Arlington box extender we used we cut down at least this much [left] using the sheet metal cutter. When you don’t need to extend your boxes very much, this makes installation much easier.

2016-07-20 12.41.17

After seeing exposed boxes for many months, putting the wall plates on is so rewarding.

Thursday, 7/21
We confirmed with the electrical inspector that we can pass our inspection without some of the wall plates in place.  If he had said no, we would have had to purchase local options that would end up not being used and it would be wasted money.

Brian called the inspection scheduling center and got us on the list for Friday.  Now we just have to finish… *bites fingernails*.

I brought over the light fixtures after work.  Brian had finished the outlets/switches except for the bathroom and kitchen.  He started on the bathroom while I ran home to make food.  After bringing back food, we switched gears to light fixtures.  Two on the south endcap, two on the north endcap, one on the piano wall, one in the bathroom and the requisite outdoor light.  It was 8pm at this point so we left to go home.

2016-07-21 10.20.48

Grocery and stuff run before leaving work. What a neat bike.

2016-07-21 16.23.35

Double switches for the Lunos neatly packed into the box at last.

2016-07-21 19.11.56

South endcap complete.

2016-07-21 19.39.39

A storm was rolling in as we were installing fixtures. It cooled the evening off a little, which was lovely, but greatly reduced our available light. Fun clouds.

Friday, 7/22
We left the night before with 1 outlet in the bathroom and 2 switches in the kitchen still to be installed.  The plates we had ordered already shipped and will be here Tuesday, likely before we have our final inspection.

We woke early, roasted as fast as possible (this doesn’t mean anything – you can’t expedite the roast at all; you can just prevent interruptions between batches) and hustled Brian out of the shack by 9am.

We spoke with our insurance agent this morning and she reiterated what she had initially reported about our stairs – she doesn’t feel an insurance company will allow our handrail-less stairs regardless of building code.  This is exceedingly irritating; even more so than having to have child-proof outlets despite the only way children are going to find their way into our house is if they leap/cross our barbed wire fence, break through the front door and then electrify themselves.

We feel the stairs are plenty safe, especially since A) the code agrees with us and B) you can use the house as a way to stabilize yourself.  Plus, no unaccompanied children are welcome and even children with an adult must pass both a height and intelligence test.

We implored our agent to find us an insurance provider that will cover us without a railing so we will see what happens.


We passed our inspection!  The inspector noted that we needed to fix the following three easy things:

  1. More permanent labeling in the main panel (the post it note slivers have to go)
  2. Carflex liquid tight conduit for water heater needs attachment within a foot of the box
  3. Carflex liquid tight conduit for heat pump needs attachment within a foot of the main panel

We are only missing one piece for our plumbing inspection (we need to secure the bathroom vent pipe to the crossbeam) so we went ahead and got on the schedule for our plumbing inspection.  It looks like he’ll come by on Monday or Tuesday.

Some Friday Achievements:

2016-07-22 15.24.18

More permanent circuit labeling and our final electrical permit sticker on the left.

2016-07-22 15.53.03

Plumbing inspector confirmed the because it it PVC, our bath fan vent pipe that does an 8 foot run under the house should be supported in the middle.

2016-07-22 18.20.12

First thing we did when I arrived was remove the remaining pieces of scaffold plywood off the bathroom, take down the other random objects and then caulk the seam. Once it cures, this will be our storage space for odds and ends not currently in use (as well as tools and building materials until the piece-of-crap shed is built).

2016-07-22 19.30.56

After an unexpected amount of preparation, we installed our bathroom mirror / medicine cabinet.

2016-07-22 19.31.09

Inside the cabinet view, after we installed the shelves – mirror on the inside of the door, inside the cabinet and on both sides of the exterior. That’s a lot of reflective surfaces!



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