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Days 50-56: Building Pad Gravelization

Monday, 9/19
Busy day at work, followed by household chores.  Nothing exciting to report.  All of the trees are still alive.

Tuesday, 9/20
The bobcat man showed up sometime around 1pm but never called us as.  I went home to grab lunch foods and they were just there.  After grabbing food, I dashed back to the shack and switched with Brian so he could go home and guide operations / move stuff out of the way.  We really weren’t expecting them and as a result, had a ton of things to move off the east side of the building pad.  Oh yeah, Brian also had to remove the coax cable that Comcast had installed as a temporary solution until they could have the trenching crew come over and bury the line.

After work, I planted the three remaining trees along the building pad edge on the driveway side.  The soil felt like mostly clay, which supposedly the trees are okay with.  I hope so!


Senor Bobcat, meet gravel pile.


East side of the building pad – partially gravelized.


Another view of the east side of the building pad and French drain.  Gravel was later added up to the edge of the French drain.


View of house from driveway.  He also scraped off dirt from the driveway hill and used it to create a berm on the driveway.  It seems wider now.


I planted the trees! Nice color and texture contrast between the trees and ground.

Wednesday, 9/21 – Friday, 9/23
No memory of the rest of the week but we must have accomplished something….I know we did laundry on Thursday.  We also realized the trees were supposed to be watered every other day, not every day.  Hopefully, they respond to the new water schedule and thrive.  We prepped for a weekend trip….

On Friday, we closed the shack and left at 5pm, heading straight to Tucson to catch an early morning flight.

Saturday, 9/24 – Sunday, 9/25
Weekend trip to CT.

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