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Days 8-10: Securing & Finishing the Shed

Monday, 8/8
It didn’t feel like an incredibly productive Monday but we made some progress with the shed.  Brian lost a lot of time when he couldn’t get the wire to thread through the second metal brace [aka gutter channel].  At the end of the day we went to the hardware store to pick up the weights – 12x16x8 cement blocks.  They weigh 43 lbs each and our plan is to secure 3 per brace; total of 6 per side.

2016-08-08 15.06.33

The ‘gutter channel’ between the shed’s roof panels provides an all-metal path for anchoring the shed by its sturdy roof structure.

2016-08-08 17.42.26

Load of 9 43lb concrete blocks.

Tuesday, 8/9
We started our morning with a lovely hike up the hill.  Trooper is now leashed on the way up so as to prevent him from wandering off.

2016-08-09 06.22.51

Scrubland sunrise.

2016-08-09 06.24.18

Dog walk.

Brian finished creating the shed anchor system.

2016-08-09 15.13.04

The other side is the same but with the addition of turnbuckles for tensioning the cables.

Wednesday, 8/10
Shelf day for the shed.  We had previously purchased some pre-fab shelves and braces but ultimately decided to re-purpose some lumber scraps that originated from the giant scaffold.  With this approach, a shelf could span the entire wall instead of just 3 – 6 feet.  Also, by using all of the 16′ 2×4’s, a perfect spot to store the wheelbarrow opened up under the house.

We moved some things out before the evening was up, including the two tables of small objects, the ladder, the shop vac, a couple of the big tools and other odds and ends.

We took the tent house down. Now the ground can dry out. Woo-hoo!

We took the tent house down. Now the ground can dry out. Woo-hoo!

Shed shelves

Shed shelves

Shed in nice lighting

Shed in nice lighting

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