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Holidays in Silver City

We’ve already described the Walmart Black Friday fun, but that’s just one event the town celebrates.  As we drove around on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we came across many roadblocks and detour signs.  It turns out they shut down several streets and hold a street fair of cultural events, music, food and goods.  It’s called the Tamal Fiesta y Más.  You can learn more about it here.

November 29th Midday – Tamal Fiesta y Más

The festival was neat.  There were vendors selling Native American pottery, many carts with Mexican food, modern art, traditional Mexican dancers and singers and much more.  There was also a band of people walking around with dreadlocks.  I make that observation for one reason – to illustrate the incredible diversity that exists in this little town.  This video shows it best –

November 29th Evening – Lighted Christmas Parade

We went out again last night, expecting the town roads to be clear.  Wrong!  Even more streets were blocked off.  We looked online and discovered that the event was the annual Lighted Christmas Parade and everybody was showing up to participate.  The parking lots were full of people, stores were empty and there was excitement in the air.

The town holds events all the time, probably at least once a month.  One of the December traditions is a Black Tie Ball.  One of the events I’m looking forward to is Chocolate Fantasia in February.  You can read the whole year’s line-up here.

Other Notes from the Past Few Days

  • During our drive around town yesterday, we saw somebody unloading a Christmas tree made from antlers!  It was the coolest thing.  If we see it again, we’ll grab a picture.
  • We found some AMAZING coffee.  The Jumping Cactus, a local cafe, has a few types of coffee and some snacks.  Since we started eating slow carb/paleo, cafes have become rather boring and we don’t go out of our way to visit them anymore.  However, now that we need a source of good coffee, we’ve started making the rounds.  We hit gold on the first try!  When we first went in, they told us of a new coffee they’d be receiving soon and it fit all the requirements we were looking for.  We went in yesterday and picked up a pound.  The quick rundown is – the smell was amazing, the taste was incredible and we can buy it locally.  Seriously, the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Other Photos from the Last Few Days

A maze made out of rocks in the Boston Hill Open Space Area that is 0.5 miles away from our mobile.  It’s a perfect dog walking spot.

Everybody enjoying the hike yesterday. Yes, we were in shorts.

Everybody enjoying the hike in the Gila yesterday. Yes, we were in shorts.

These deer are the poster children for the sign they're in front of.

These deer are the poster children for the sign they’re in front of.


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