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Mexico Roadtrip in Photos: Mazatlan II

We went to the beach one day and stumbled across these skinny horses.

And yes, that bird IS sitting on the horse’s back. (The island has a lot of horses for pulling the tourist tour wagons around.)

Sydney got to run around off leash and release some of her turbo-charged energy. Trooper stayed leashed for the most part because he tends to get caught up on scents and will then end up a mile behind us. This habit also means that he moves 10-20 steps over the course of 20 minutes. Not cool.

This fish is not alive.

I decided that Sydney, who enjoys water, should be introduced to the ocean. Come on, it’s fun!

Help me Brian!

I didn’t think this sea star was going to make it but I chucked him back anyway. Hopefully, he got washed back to where he belonged. Good luck little guy.

This is some food we ordered from a beachside restaurant. It tasted good but was too expensive for what it was. We immediately learned that the beachside restaurants used their location to jack up their prices and serve so-so cuisine. It’s okay – it’s the typical tourist thing. But next time, we’ll pass.

On the drive back to our house, we passed this massive lizard on this wall.

Snack at one of the open air restaurants near our house.

We had to go into Mazatlan early one morning for an oil change. After dropping the car off at 7am, we drove around and investigated the area. We became hungry while walking through the mall….and for some reason, we decided to have sushi. We were VERY surprised to discover that one of the rolls was completely covered in cream cheese (and there was cream cheese INSIDE it!). The soy sauce was also odd, kind of sweet. We were just barely able to choke down the cream cheese roll by dipping it in the gross sweet sauce. The other roll was okay.

We ate at Panama again – just desserts this time. The one on the right is a tradition guava cheesecake. The one on the left is some sort of layered cake. After spending an hour or so there on our laptops, we walked back to the dealership to pick up our car (about 2 miles I think).

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