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Mexico Roadtrip in Photos: Mazatlan III

We took the dogs into Mazatlan for grooming one morning. The process was identical to what we experience in the states – drop dogs off in AM, pick them up 3-4 hours later.

Close-up of Trooper’s beautiful hair coat and his lovely legs.

And then, of course, there’s Sydney.

Lunch/snack at one of the island taco stands. The beverage on the far right tasted kind of like leftover cinnamon toast crunch milk.

Here are two of the tacos. I think I ended up eating 2 and Brian ate 4.

During one of our trips into Mazatlan, we saw this advertisement for maternity services. You, the customer, can pick whatever tier of care you want (or can afford). The more expensive option was about $678 USD (based on $1/17.7 pesos).

More taco stand food.

Both dogs were really tired by the end of the grooming day. I think they got a little stressed by the experience of being dropped off somewhere without us.

Breakfast at Panama – Even though we were kind of tired of Panama, and were more interested in the local grub, we did often choose it when we were in Mazatlan. It had easy, free parking, fast service, accepted credit cards and a roaming dessert cart. ALSO, and most importantly for this occasion, we wanted to try the Chiles en Nogada, a special dish that only comes out during the month celebrating their independence. It is the dish on the left.

We were always on the lookout for good places to feed the dogs. Finally! This was perfect – a little grass, no loose street dogs and plenty of space for bathroom numbers.

What is that thing?

During a trip back from Mazatlan, we got stuck behind this truck. We thought it was odd that the driver was on top of the gravel, but whatever. When in Mexico…

Then we figured out the source of the calamity. A car had tried to go around a construction vehicle and had fallen off the road! Hahahahahahah! What a surprise that must have been!

It was like a party broke out. All crew members jumped at the chance to help pull the car free. Those individuals who were not directly involved parked their trucks and got out to watch. Here, this guy is jumping from the gravel truck over to the grader. This was the machine they used to pull the guy back onto the road.

Another ocean discovery.

Breakfast of eggs, bacon and Mexican cheese.

Playing near the tide pools, Brian found rocks that were absolutely covered with both slime and jumping crabs.

It is difficult to see, but here is a photo of one of the crabs walking around upside down – like a spider.

There were a few days where Trooper was very sick to his stomach. In between puking and going with us on adventurous, he kept to himself and looked kind of sad.

Coincidentally, I was not all that well for a couple of days. Unfortunately, it coincided with our massive jug of water running out and no water truck driving by for days. We had to buy these 1 gallon jugs (which each cost as much as a massive jug). The sweets were the only thing I could imagine eating, so we picked those up as well.

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