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Mexico Roadtrip in Photos: Mazatlan IV

We did go out for beach food one more time. It was when I was not feeling well so we did not want to cook or drive very far. Brian also rented a surfboard for awhile and attempted to teach himself how to use it. We knew it was way too small and thin for a beginner board, but it was fun to play around with it.

Brian returned the board and then enjoyed his meal in front of the ocean. I kept him company but wasn’t in the eating spirit.

A ridiculous Greater Flycatcher and his friends.

Some more photos of the area we discovered for dog feeding. You can just barely see Sydney ahead of Brian. Trooper is next to him.

Sydney did her best to follow him around but she just wasn’t too fond of the slippery rocks and the waves.


…and slippery rocks.

Ooooohhh, snails!

And a lizard machine.

View toward Mazatlan.

View back toward the main section of Isla de la Piedra.

Some nice rocks. Perhaps this is why it is called ‘Rock Island’.

We only got stuck behind the tourists/horses once. The streets operate pretty efficiently on the little ‘island’.

After discovering that the tiny surfboard was not a good starter board, we checked out what lessons were available on the mainland. This shop offered board rentals and lessons. We were out of time for this trip but we plan to learn next time.

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