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Mexico Roadtrip in Photos: Tepic Part I

I apologize for taking so long to finish the Mexico Tale. While part of me would have preferred to update the blog daily, during the trip, two decisions made that extremely difficult. First, we chose rentals based on location and pet friendliness (namely, extra space in the house and a fence yard) and we de-prioritized having internet. Second, we wanted to stay focused in the moment and not worry too much about taking pictures of everything or leaving room at the end of the day to write. As a result, I still have tons of photos and unedited write-ups that are slowly becoming ancient news.

In order to speed things up, I’m going to just publish photos from the rest of the trip. These photo posts will include ‘in photos’ in the title. Perhaps, if the desire later strikes, I may come back and fill in some of the story. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to comment at the bottom.

Breakfast at La Madalena, Tepic, Mexico. This place was probably one of the top three fanciest restaurants I had ever seen. They had shelves (holding liquor) on one wall that was probably 50 feet tall. I have no idea how they access the higher bottles. The ‘wall’ behind us was a projector screen probably 20 feet by 40 feet. Sometimes patriotic Mexican flags were shown blowing in the breeze; other times Beyonce music videos. The fruit plates were included with the breakfast special.

The breakfast special that morning – “Desayuno Ranchero”. We were waited on by 3-4 people at all times. They exhibited incredible attention to detail and awareness of our needs. One of the waiters spoke some English (he had just finished his schooling to be a CPA) so we asked him if he knew of any coffee farms we could visit. His response, “My family owns a coffee farm!” After much going back and forth, we concluded that he understood our question and that he could help us. He would be our guide later on.

The ‘hiking trail’ we had attempted to walk the dogs on the day before.

Some strange drainage system/bridge that we used to get across a stream area.

One shot of the downtown market. I missed a lot of great photo opportunities because we needed both of us to navigate the crowded streets. While Brian drove, I pointed out barely legible one-way signs, stop signs, pedestrians and interesting stores.

There seemed to be strange tendency to leave manholes uncovered. One solution by the locals was to fill or cover them with junk. It prevented people/kids from falling down them and cars from driving into them. It also created a DIY round-about that slowed down drivers.

Here is another one – this one filled with dead palm fronds and lumber.

Another take on the chips and salsa appetizer. These salsas were liquefied. Also note, the ever-present large quantity of lime slices. (Our first experience with a new spin on chips and salsa was at La Marlin.)

This was the first instance of us getting bottled water when we wanted ‘tap’. I put tap in quotes because yes, we understood that the tap water was not drinkable. But everybody there buys filtered water in big jugs to use in its place. THAT is what we wanted. I have a feeling the waiters either saw our water request as an opportunity to upcharge us or they genuinely believed we wanted bottled water (especially considering we were foreigners and eating at fancier restaurants). The blue thing is some strange AND AMAZING lemonade.

The main dish – we shared this cauldron of fantastically prepared meats, cactus paddles (nopales), veggies and Mexican cheese. It was VERY GOOD.

For dessert, we visited a small bakery on the main street. A young woman about our age was in there buying something. She asked us, in perfect English, if we needed help with the menu. It turns out she was from Tepic but had spent several years in NYC as a nanny for an American family. She perfected her English while there and now resides back in Tepic, where she teaches English.

The two mini cakes we selected.


  1. The cakes look good, and so does the cauldron. Blue lemonade? Hmmm.

    Such a cool adventure! Sounds like fun!

    • Thanks! It was definitely a cool adventure. And yes, we are alive – just somehow both busy and slow! And distracted. We have a couple of more adventures coming up – will probably start writing about it next year some time. Hope you are well.

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