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A Weekend of Animal Discoveries & Rough Roads

Posted by on Jul 31, 2017 in blog, Hiking Adventures | 2 comments

Wow, what a weekend! We did both a local hike and a far away rockhounding trip.

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Making it up Radio Tower Road

Posted by on Jul 28, 2017 in blog, Hiking Adventures | 1 comment

Awhile back, someone told us about abandoned gold mines and huge quartz crystals near Radio Tower Road, in Pinos Altos. Having only our Honda Fit at the time, we parked at the bottom, where it met Highway 15, and walked in really far. The road just kept going and going! During that visit, we came across one pile of mine tailings, collected some neat specimens and trekked back. Yesterday, we tried again....this time with the Rav4.

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And Behind Curtain Number 2…A New Car!

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in blog, Featured, Hiking Adventures, Silver City | 2 comments

Why we have been Looking for a New Car: Our 2008 Honda Fit is pretty awesome. Not only does it have the nice looking sport package, but it gets awesome gas mileage.

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Spontaneous Trip to Morenci, Arizona

Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 in blog, Hiking Adventures, Travel | 0 comments

Sunday morning, while enjoying my morning coffee outside, I was struck with the inspiration to drive through Mule Creek and visit Morenci, Arizona. Not having been there yet, I thought it sounded like an excellent adventure.

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Big to Tiny to Small – Now in Paperback

Posted by on Jul 16, 2017 in blog, Building, Small House Living | 1 comment

The paperback version of Big to Tiny to Small: Selling it All, Moving Away & Buying Land for the Perfect Small House is now available on Amazon.

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