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A Rattlesnake and Roadrunner on Red Rock Road

We have had so much fun lately! I guess that is part of the reason we have been slow to update the blog. In any case, below are the photos of a recent drive down Red Rock Road.

We have long been curious about Red Rock Road, but due to the Fit’s limited clearance, had previously been cautious about embarking on a journey to satisfy our curiosity. On a recent Sunday, we decided to load up the dogs, pack some water and go see what was going on in the middle of nowhere, on Red Rock Road.

We drove along Red Rock Road until we had passed through the national forest, private property and entered the forest again. Here, we found a trail marker and attempted to climb the edge of the road.

The height of the berm put the hitch receiver closer to the ground than we had previously experienced. It was a good test of our clearance at different orientations.

We made it up onto the secondary road no problem.

We parked the car shortly thereafter. Both dogs were eager to be released.

Upon setting out, we crossed a picturesque dry river bed and headed toward a field of yellow flowers.

We discovered many things we could not identify….including this bug.

And this mushroom, a specimen that when open would exceed the size of my hand.

And these cute little fungi.

And what about these holes. What creature dug these holes? We found them scattered in the trail – sometimes just a single hole and other times several in one area.

We hiked in about 45 minutes, climbed to a high point to enjoy the view and then trekked back. Trooper, not having eaten yet, was eager to maintain his lead.

Awwww, isn’t she beautiful?

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a squirrel.

Upon backing up and zooming in, I discovered that there were TWO squirrels! Based on their behavior, I’m inclined to think they were grey squirrels; but I’m not quite certain.

At one point, during a large descending section in the road, we found these neat mineral seams in a rock wall.

Shortly thereafter, we discovered a herd of goats; and if you look along the fence line, you’ll see their dutiful livestock guardian dog.

As we were nearing the end of the dirt road, we saw a roadrunner flutter out of the road and land in a tree near the road. After stopping to look him over, he popped down onto the ground and sidled over to the car for an examination of us.

After standing under my window and looking at me for at least a minute, he ran around the front of the car and looked at Brian. He then came BACK to my side of the car, passed me and looked up at the rear window. What a thoughtful and smart bird!

Perhaps it is no coincidence that we then came across a rattlesnake in the road! I wonder if roadrunners seek out rattlesnakes to start a fight or if they only engage aggressively when threatened. We filmed a video of the snake as he made his way up the berm; where he coiled into his powerful strike posture and waited for us to get close enough for a nice juicy bite. We held back.

After our dirt road ended at a paved road, our options were to take a right toward Red Rock (the town) or left toward Lordsburg. We first headed toward Red Rock and discovered this big hawk, taking a moment to dry out from the rains.

And 15 minutes later, we found Red Rock. It was basically a sign. We turned around in this giant dry river bed with cows in the distance.

As we headed toward Lordsburg, we noticed an antelope sprinting toward the road. It was like when a movie shows a scene of a car trying to cross the train tracks before the train comes. We slowed down in time…which caused the antelope (and the buddy of his we noticed shortly after) to slow down and TURN AROUND. When we started to drive again, the antelopes sprinted across the road in front of us. Kind of a foolish move but it did allow us to get our camera out.

What we thought would be an hour-ish drive and an hour-ish hike turned out to be a four hour trip. We decided to stop in Lordsburg and eat lunch before heading up the final 45 minute stretch. Denny’s delivered. ┬áThe cheese bacon something tater tots were a highlight – they basically taste like a good quiche.


  1. Also, forgot to mention, the US distributor for Maxtrax is in Prescott, AZ.

  2. Looking at your previous post about rough roads. You need these traction devices;

    These are the real deal. Get 4 if you can afford it, or 2 now and 2 later. Plus the shovel(s). I also find a hoe to be pretty handy. Plan a trip up to Flagstaff for the Overland Expo in May and check out all the off road goodies. Be prepared.

    Have fun offloading!

    • Cool these look legit. 46″ x 14″ and 17 lbs a pair. Yeah we want to check out that overland expo.

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