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Updated Spending 12/24

We have made several large purchases since the last money update.  The table below lists how much we have spent and in what category –

Arched Cabin Related
House kit $6,240.00
Foundation $2,520.00
Floor & Joist $2,400.00
End caps $4,400.00
Insulation $528.00
Loft Beams $160.00
Delivery $1,798.00
Labor $2,000.00
Package total $20,046.00
Finishing & Other Expenses
Hardware $364.49
Tools $734.00
Doors/Windows $1,723.49
Raw Materials $978.97
Bathroom $1,364.62
Kitchen $173.60
Electrical/Plumbing $137.01
Flooring $770.09
Outdoor $700.83
Fixtures $657.51
Fencing $1,070.54
Misc $630.16
Big Appliances $1,687.78
Subtotal $10,993.09
Total $31,039.09
  • Raw materials include lumber, plywood, paneling, etc that end up as pieces of the larger puzzle.
  • The bathroom includes fixtures, tub, door and other components purchased specifically for the bathroom.
  • At this point, flooring is the plywood for the underlayment and tar paper for leveling the subfloor.  The flooring value will increase considerably once we purchase the tile and Ditra system.
  • Outdoor covers paint and outdoor objects except for the fence.
  • Miscellaneous includes random tidbits like caulk, the shovel, crayons, gas for the car to power the electricity, tarps, face masks, etc.

There hasn’t been anything too surprising.  We seem to buy hardware a LOT, but despite our frequent purchases, that category is only at $365.  Tools could have been avoided somewhat if we had borrowed from friends…but at the start of our project, we were new to town and basically friendless.  Raw materials adds up quickly but I think we’re mostly done with that category.  We need some more panels, but that’s it.  Electricity and plumbing will increase once we purchase the rest of our supplies.

We’re paying for things as we go so it’s almost like having a hobby – you contribute to it every month.  Like a piano lesson or riding class.  We put most things on the credit card (and get reward bucks) and pay it off every month.  We hope to end up debt-less when it’s all done.

Like I did in the previous post on spending, I like to look at the total without the doors/windows or major appliances.  If you were doing this project and wanted to reuse older appliances/doors/windows, the total would look a lot different.  We did an extensive amount of research on these objects, had specific goals in mind when selecting them (we’ll do a post later on all of our major purchases) and knew that they might not be a bargain.  So, without those things AND without the fence, the total is about $6500 in addition to the Arched Cabin package.  If you borrowed tools and repurposed fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen, you could knock that number down even further.

On the first spending post, we guessed we’d spend about $32,000.  Since we are nearly there right now, my new guess is $38,500 with the biggest components still to come being the flooring system, the rest of the paneling and the insulation.


  1. Well done, a lovely home for under 40,000 dollars that’s less than most people will pay for a car. One thing that you have never said anything about is the outside areas , are you planning to use the space for a garden or something more like a homestead set up ? Happy Christmas to you all from les x

    • Exactly! If only more people knew what they could accomplish. Yes, it does take time but it’s so SO worth it. Outside areas – being on the north slope in a desert climate puts us in a good position to have a garden. We haven’t made any decisions except that we might plant some veggies in our cholla garden, where all the water goes. We want a low maintenance yard so no grass. There is a lot of potential…Happy Christmas to you too.

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