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Updated Spending 3/10

Since we are wrapping up the electrical and have done the majority of the plumbing purchases, it seems like a good time to post an updated spending list.  [The roadrunner above was caught strolling across the ACE parking lot.]

Arched Cabin Related
House kit $6,240.00
Foundation $2,520.00
Floor & Joist $2,400.00
End caps $4,400.00
Insulation $528.00
Loft Beams $160.00
Delivery $1,798.00
Labor $2,000.00
Subtotal $20,046.00
Finishing Expenses
Hardware $378.50
Tools $773.19
Doors/Windows $1,723.00
Raw Materials $1,699.12
Bathroom $1,510.85
Kitchen $173.60
Electrical/Plumbing $3,072.37
Flooring $1,370.22
Outdoor $701.54
Fixtures $639.20
Fencing $1,447.43
Misc $591.89
Big Appliances $1,687.78
Plumbin ext $1,278.00
Subtotal $17,046.69
Total $37,092.69

So our previous guess of $38,500 is coming fast.  *cue jaws music*  We won’t make it.  Our list of pending expenses include –

2/29 Still to purchase
Tile $200
Grout & thinset $200
Tile-related Labor $1,550
Truck rental to get tile to Silver City $185
Paneling $154
Trim for interior $100
Kitchen counter solution $300
Furring strips $50
Interior paint $396
Electrical – misc $25
Inspections – total guess $100
Drainage/gravel 0
Fence $240
Under insulation $476
Endcap insulation $476
Total $4,452

We left gravel at $0.00 because we aren’t sure how much we will replace right away.  Interior Trim is a complete guess.  The insulation numbers were quoted by a local contractor and the paint figure is exact (at least it was when we did the research a few months ago).

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