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Western New Mexico University Volleyball Game

We attended a volleyball game at the local university Monday night.  This was our first time going to the university for any event, athletic or otherwise.  We saw a lot of good jumping and had a great time.  Our team was especially good at blocking and they won the first 3 games (fulfilling the 3 out of 5 requirement for winning).

Here are some questions and observations that came to mind while watching the game:

  • Why do they group together between every single serve?  There isn’t always something to congratulate themselves about.
  • Libero definition and purpose (this was answered mid-game by consulting one of my best friends who had played college volleyball)
  • At one point, the two refs made the opposite call and then BOTH switched their call to correspond with the other.  So who then makes the final call?
  • Why are their shorts so short!?
  • What is the ideal height of a female volleyball player at the college level?  Some of these ladies didn’t seem so tall.
  • I watched two plays where they played off the bounce.  I didn’t know that was legal.
  • Do the knee pads squish the definition out of their quads?  Why aren’t their legs better defined?
  • Who is in charge of music?  It’s LOUD.
  • If you touch a ball while blocking and the ball goes out of bounds, who gets the ball?
  • Is it rude to put my mostly clean, socked feet on the seat in front of me?
  • What is the purpose of jump serving?  Several girls did not jump serve and their serves appeared to have more power and precision.
  • I find it very impressive that the blockers are able to leap up, block the ball and knock it down to the other side, retract their arms and land; all without hitting the net.
  • Our side had matching shoes.  The other team did not.
  • Can the serve touch the net?

Good flying set

Oh my gosh, they're flying!

Oh my gosh, they’re flying!


Excellent action shot of the hitter in the background.


More flying.

Excellent setup for hitting/blocking...and also good bird dance

Excellent setup for hitting/blocking…and also good bird dance

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  1. Hilarious.

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